The Pole Pedal Paddle (“PPP”) aims to ensure the safety of all participants to the largest extent possible. The goal of this PPP Drafting Policy (this “Policy”) is to establish guidelines that support safe practices and clearly communicate the conditions in which a racer may report drafting on the bike course, the reporting process and the expected disciplinary action.


The large majority of PPP participants are citizen racers. Being that the PPP does not utilize Course Marshalls, we cannot adequately monitor nor uphold this Policy for the entire field of racers. Though this Policy primarily focuses on racers in the Elite category, we expect all racers to abide by the guidelines of this Policy to ensure the safety of all participants on race day. 


  1. Traffic Laws – All cyclists must obey all traffic laws on the cycling course, including coming to a complete stop when required by a traffic sign or traffic control device and must not proceed through any intersection unless such intersection is clear of oncoming traffic.
  2. Spacing – All cyclists are responsible to maintain a minimum of three bike lengths of clear space at all times between themselves and the cyclist in front. At no time shall any cyclist be closer than 50 feet behind a motorized vehicle or move into the lane of travel for the purpose of drafting off a motorized vehicle. Failure to maintain such spacing is considered drafting – whether intentional or not.
  3. Position – All cyclists must keep to the right-hand side of the lane of travel unless passing.
  4. Passing – All cyclists must pass within 15 seconds when overtaking another cyclist. No cyclist may be closer than three bike lengths for more than 15 seconds. If a cyclist is not able to pass within 15 seconds, they must drop back to maintain the required spacing.
  5. Overtaken – All cyclists who are overtaken must immediately exit the draft zone from the rear after they are overtaken. They must be clearly out of the draft zone before attempting to pass the cyclist ahead of them. If a cyclist has been passed, it becomes their responsibility to maintain the required spacing behind the cyclist who overtook them.


Any racer in the Elite category who observes another Elite racer breaking any or all of the drafting rules has the obligation to report such behavior to the Race Director within 20 minutes of finishing and, ideally, before any athletes in question have left the finish area. Official race volunteers will also be asked to report directly to the Race Director if they observe racers failing to adhere to the drafting rules. 

In the event of a report, the PPP Jury (consisting of two MBSEF board members and three unaffiliated community members, to be named a minimum of 2 weeks prior to race day) will conduct an investigation to determine the accuracy of the report. If the Jury, in its sole and absolute discretion, determines that a racer broke any of the drafting rules the Jury shall be authorized to impose such penalties as determined by the Jury, including without limitation disqualification from the PPP

Adopted: January 26, 2024