SELCO Pole Pedal Paddle 2024 Official Logo and T-shirt Design Winner

Congratulations to Kendall Wallace!


The committee will screen and judge all designs on the following qualities:

  • Design must include race name, in some form.
  • Design must include the date or year.
  • Design must be digital or, if created by hand, be easily transferred to a digital format. To be easily transferred, a hand drawn design must have bold, solid lines and shapes with positive and negative spaces clearly defined. Such a design is easy to reproduce.
  • Design must be well suited for the front of a T-shirt ( approximately, 12”x14”).
  • Design must utilize no more than 6 colors.
  • Design must be complete and ready for print.
  • Design must be original, memorable, visible and eye catching.
  • Design might creatively represent each leg or sport of the race.
  • Design might represent the unique location or environment of the race.

2024 Finalists

Katie Dunbar

Shane Keaney

Kendall Wallace

Bethany Gunnarson

Richard Sweatt

Nora Miller

Donna Kern